President’s letter

Dear Colleagues,

ESPRAS is going through a reorganization process, following the decision to separate from IPRAS. Our Society although, until December 2015, a Section of IPRAS, has always been independent since its founding with its own Statutes and finances. These Statutes are under review aiming at establishing more democratic rules and broader representation. European National Societies of our Specialty have been requested to assist with this process by making suggestions and comments, which will be respectfully considered by the Executive Committee (ExCo). The new Statutes will be ratified by the Council of Delegates, which will take place during the next European Congress in Cyprus (23. – 27. October 2018). In the meantime ESPRAS will continue to function as before and continue to deal with all matters concerning our Specialty.

All European colleagues share the view that a federation representing all National Societies and their members is “sine qua non” for worldwide international relations of our Specialty. Europe must have a central scientific organization to communicate at the highest level with world and regional confederations such as ICOPLAST, FILACP, ISAPS and others as well as with National Societies and other plastic surgery organizations, representing several specialty topics such as IFSSH, SCFS, WSRM, ISBI and others.

In the meantime is “business as usual”. ESPRAS will continue to grant the annual scholarships for trainees, to collaborate with the EBOPRAS Fellowship exams and to endorse scientific events along with dealing with all matters concerning Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.

The ExCo would like to affirm that it will continue to serve our National Societies and their members at large, being always willing to receive suggestions and comments regarding the whole spectrum of activities aiming at the promotion of our Specialty.


Andreas Yiacoumettis

ESPRAS President